GUEST ARTIST - Tobias Illustrations

GUEST ARTIST - Tobias Illustrations

You all will have noticed the extremely detailed wild animals adorning our boards this Summer. This is partly due to the young hand of Tobias Illustraions (also known as Toby Brunsdon) who approached us with his talents last year inspired by our board design and artworks. Although Toby is on the opposite side of the Globe - in Bristol, UK - his designs are finding themselves etched into the macrocarpa surfaces of our uniquely designed boards in New Zealand and now, the World over.

Tobias Illustrations abstract, intricate and creative creatures have been a favourite in our shop this Summer along with our bespoke native laser etched series.

"Tobias Illustrations is a Bristol based graphic artist and illustrator. His hand-drawn, abstract designs are inspired by the wildlife and the natural world around him. After recently graduating from university, he ventured off to India where he spent some time. It was there that his love for pattern work and symmetry design really took off. He specializes in ‘zentangle’ art, which involves creating beautiful images by drawing structured patterns to form a larger piece.

Since returning from India, his abstract wildlife designs have become his bread and butter. Saber (Tiger) was his most recent design in this style."

We can’t get enough of Tobias Illustrations' artwork which really compliments our own style and specialized board design. You can look at them for hours. What a talent! Check out in our boards we've crafted with his artwork here - Online Store, or in any of our stores.

Tobias Illustrations  x The Paper Rain ProjectTobias Illustrations  x The Paper Rain Project