It is with a huge amount of surprise, relief & gratitude that the coming of May confirmed a 531% funded status for our Kickstarter goal. We are SUPER STOKED to have made it this far, with the help of 243 friends and strangers who came on board to pre-purchase our recycled wine-barrel longboard and other Paper Rain products.

We have spent the last two years developing these boards which have seen us partner with some amazing businesses (thank you Seresin Estate, Mahi Wines, Giesen Wines, Renaissance Brewing & more recently, Te Whare Ra), as well as to exhibit across the country and help give back to some environmental projects we are really excited about.

Boards in the shaping bay at The Paper Rain Project

Staves on the straightening table at The Paper Rain Project

A month down the line, with funding in our pocket, we have produced our custom steam tank and straightening table, ordered our machinery and begun production on the 128 boards we need to make as part of the campaign. 

THANK YOU to the 243 people from an amazing 26 countries who helped put $53, 119 towards our goal giving us around $45,000 to help develop and produce our recycled wine-barrel longboards. We will be shipping out a couple of hundred rewards over the coming months. 

It's Winter here in New Zealand and at the farm, most of the leaves are falling. We have frosty mornings and bright sunny afternoons - not a bad place be in the world! We're feeling very lucky to get to do what we do so to you all - we can't thank you enough! 

Indigo & Wills

Autumn/Winter at the Cherry Farm, the home to our workshop at The Paper Rain ProjectWills opening the steam box.Staves after straightening

Te Whare Ra barrels ready for unravelling at The Paper Rain ProjectSteel rings ready for recycling


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