FLOX with The Paper Rain Project

We are excited to announce a wee Co-Lab with the Lovely Flox from Auckland City. This chick's work is seriously ground-breaking in terms of stencil making, wall-covering, spray-painting & hand-cutting goodness. We first found FLOX in our early days & have watched her & her work grow locally & abroad. We started off with a wine-barrel board collaboration for our 2015 Allpress exhibition & are now moving along to a super-limited edition piece of art-wear.

"A graffiti artist with a fine art degree, Flox first made her mark in inner-city Auckland, her trademark native birds, ferns and flowers magically transforming grey walls into vibrant depictions of the natural world. Flox swiftly spread her wings, expanding into prints, murals, graphic design, live painting, projects, exhibitions and a notable stint with the musical collective Fly My Pretties, blurring our perceptions of what'™s achievable with a single set of hands...Meticulous and hands-on is the philosophy behind all the art making, paying homage to the craft of the cut, and what she calls her œlabour of love.

A former fine artist with a major in painting, Flox was inspired by the arts & crafts movement of the late 19th century, which valued craftsmanship over cheap sleazy mass production.

Carrying on this tradition in her own unique way, Flox hand-cuts each stencil (a process that takes around 12 hours) and uses authentic screen-printing techniques. The resulting works are undeniably individual and unique!"



The Paper Rain Project