'PAKARU' ~ Spotlight on CHRISTCHURCH feat. Kelly Spencer

'PAKARU' ~ Spotlight on CHRISTCHURCH feat. Kelly Spencer

The Paper Rain Project with Kelly Spencer

So, now that we are very much settled into our Picton SUMMER STORE - it's about time we touched base on some of the events we were involved with earlier in the Summer.

It also happens to be the week of the 5th Anniversary of the heart-wrenching life-changing earthquake which put our Christchurch on the map for all the wrong reasons. Many of us are still rattled, changed & reeling from this event. On the positive side, some really exciting things are emerging from the city now, which bring communities together across the board & inspiration, strength & hope to many. These include some heroes such as 'Help For Homeless', 'Gap Filler', 'Plant Gang' & 'SURF - the Strategic Urban Rejuvenation Force' to name just a few.

In late November, we teamed up with SURF to involve several of our artist upcycled & recycled wine-barrel board artworks in their Bikes & Boards Show to raise funds to PUT NEW BRIGHTON BACK ON THE MAP. This show & the partnering Rock A' Billy raised enough funds to buy inflatable wheeled beach chairs to allow people with disabilities the chance to access the beach like never before.

SURF and THE PAPER RAIN PROJECT Christchurch Fundraiser

This brings us to Kelly Spencer, the supremely talented artist behind 'Pakaru', a board she embellished with hand-painted typography purely for Christchurch' cause. Kelly has had two art board collabs with us & two artworks hanging in pride position in our own living room. Operating as a freelance designer-illustrator-adventurer who is mostly based in Wellington (but tends to wander frequently) Kelly's interests lie heavily in the field of lettering & type, and poster design. In short, she's creative & awesome & a lovely lady indeed.

The Paper Rain Project with Kelly SpencerThe Paper Rain Project with Kelly Spencer

'Pakaru' or "to break through, smash or break forth", is the perfect word to describe the effects of the Christchurch Quake & it's earth-shattering yet community binding effects. In the Plant Gang's Leader, Liv's, words, "the quake opened my eyes with the potential of life, of our journey, of our place here...there was pain, anger, self hurt and frustrations...and 5 years on, I finally can see the rich beauty in life and can live my most me me." So, Christchurch is Pakaru. It was broken, & is now breaking forth.


'Pakaru' is up for sale in our ONLINE SHOP with $50 of the proceeds going toward SURF, helping put the quake-stricken New Brighton back on the map. You can also see 'Pakaru' at our Picton Summer Store, 29 High Street, Picton.


Cheers, Indigo.