CAUSE: Live More Awesome

CAUSE: Live More Awesome

It seems that epic ideas often start out with a crazy adventure (just look at our history!). Much like the Paper Rain Project was conceived during an epic journey across the seas, Jimi and his best mate Dan came to the realisation that more needed to be done about mental health awareness while out having a crazy adventure.

More specifically, Dan helped Jimi to travel the length of New Zealand's longest river, the mighty Waikato... on an $8 inflatable mattress. This was of course before they built the World's Longest Waterslide!

After surviving that epic adventure, the two mates decided that more needed to be done, that more frank conversations were required to bring awareness to mental health and in their own words:

" (we) sat down and came up with the idea for Live More Awesome. And just like that, it was a thing."

Live More Awesome is a non-profit charity and movement. Their goal? To spend their time dedicated to inspiring, encouraging, informing as well as finding help for people struggling with everything from depression to anxiety and suicide.

One of their biggest challenges is to increase the talk - the open and honest conversations - about mental health to normalise it and reduce the stigma. Jimi explains it better: 

"People with low mental health need love and understanding. People can't understand what they don't know. The more we talk about it, the more we change the way society treats mental health."

Whether you jump on their website or social media, words of encouragement to get out into the world and challenge yourself, have an adventure and that it's ok to ask for help wash over you and you can't help but feel a little better about everything. 

Here at Paper Rain we think these guys are pretty amazing, and we love their zest for life. In turn, hard work also needs support - they need our help!

That is why purchases of our Sloth Tee (by Monique Richards), Black Dog Tee and our Black Dog Hemp Tote Bag (both by Ellaquaint) all support Live More Awesome!

Our co-founder, Indigo, is setting out on an epic adventure to trek the Colorado Trail (almost 800km in 5 weeks). I'll let her explain what she aims to do for both herself and for Live More Awesome:

"In August/September this year, I will walk across the state of Colorado, USA for state of mind. While I'm at it ~ for the fresh air and headspace it's going to provide ~ I want to raise funds for mental health awareness via Live More Awesome. If you know just one person who struggles with anxiety, depression, an eating disorder or any mental health issue, please consider sponsoring my 800km walk. 100% of proceeds will go to the charity, my walk itself is self-funded."

If you'd like to help support Live More Awesome through Indi, head to her Give a Little page!

Indi says CHEERS for the support! 

Either way... do yourself a favour. Just stop for a minute. Think about your mind! 



It's ok to not be ok. Remember, there is always someone to talk to or ask for help.