There are many hands involved in making. From the hands which tended the organic cotton, the hands of the Indian women who were freed from the sex-trade and sew our clothing, the hands of the artist with the pencil, our hands as we screen-print the artwork & pass the finished product to the hands of you, our customers. We are always trying, learning, sometimes failing. You will find some anomalies and end of edition artworks in our store - on sale Easter weekend - giclee art prints, sample prints and end of edition apparel. These all tell the story of the people, and the very many hands, behind the process. 

As you may know, our clothing is limited edition. We are ready to bring new designs in store, but first, we must move out the end of edition designs and this Easter, we'll be bringing these down to a super low price. 
1 Tee = $40 (save $25)

2 Tees = $75* (save $55) 
Use offer code:

3 Tees = $95* (save $100) Use offer code: THREE TEES 


Come along over Easter, say hey, & grab the very last available versions of these designs. Can't make it to our store? No problem. Our sale will also be available online over at www.thepaperrainproject.co.nz
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