GUEST ARTIST - Katy Hayward

GUEST ARTIST - Katy Hayward

Years ago, we fell in love with Katy’s detailed, pencil-like style. We share a mutual love of native flora and fauna ~ all things naturally NZ. Katy is a Kiwi tattoo artist who is dedicated to creating beautiful and original custom art for the body. With the most delicate, intricate details, Katy’s illustrations and tattoo artworks are like no other. Working from her art studio on the Tutukaka Coast in Whangarei, Katy draws (and inks!) surrounded by ocean views, nature and birds. Her unique style brings people from far and wide, all with enough love for her art to have it indelibly etched into their skin. We caught up with Katy so that you can hear from the lady behind our newest releases. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself! When did you decide being an artist was for you?

My name is Katy Hayward, and I am a New Zealand / Aotearoa based artist & tattoo artist working from my own little studio on the Tutukaka coast. I began my art journey from a very young age, and have been so lucky to have had such amazing encouragement from family and friends my entire life! I have always found great pleasure in drawing, not the greatest work stories I will admit, but I am my most happiest when I have a pencil in my hand. 

 Katy Hayward and The Paper Rain Project, fantails

How would you describe your work? Where do you find your inspiration?

My art works are usually very detailed & primarily based off of my love for NZ native flora & fauna. I have never been able to do a 'quick drawing' so most of my art takes me hours and hours working on all the finer details, and this translates not only to my art on paper, but my tattoo art on skin too (my poor tattoo clients!!).


What was a defining moment for you as an artist? What’s your favourite ‘art’ memory?

Drawing mud murals on the side of my childhood home when I was little :)

The Paper Rain Project and Katy Hayward, Fantail Skateboard Art


What do you like about working with The Paper Rain Project?

My favourite thing about getting to work with The Paper Rain Project is that they share an equal passion for caring for our planet and it is reflected in the beautiful products they produce. I have always endeavoured to sell art using sustainable means and I feel completely confident to collaborate with these beautiful people.

 Katy Hayward and The Paper Rain Project, Fantail

Where are you based at the moment? How has this effected you creatively?

My husband and I managed to get ourselves a lovely piece of land (4.2hectare) on the Tutukaka Coast in 2019. This year (2020) we have been working really hard to plant out a good third of it with over 5000 NZ Native trees to give mother nature a helping hand and it has been incredibly challenging and rewarding on so many levels. We both feel so lucky & grateful for all the help we have received from friends and family to get it done before the sun got too hot and we have both learnt so much on this journey. 

Now I make time to go and sit amongst the new trees just to take them all in, congratulate them on their new growth and watch the little pīwakawaka & tauhou in the afternoon light dancing along them, catching their dinner- I could not feel more inspired to create art everyday.

 Katy Hayward and The Paper Rain Project

What’s one piece of advice you would have told yourself at 18?

Feel the fear, do it anyway!


Where do you see yourself and your art in 5 years?

Not too far ahead from where I am now- but with a little munchkin running around!

 Katy Hayward and The Paper Rain Project, Fantail

What's drives you? What are you passionate about and how does this come through your art?

I am driven by other people's art, art exhibitions, new ideas, places I want to go, the house I want to build one day on our land, projects I want to support, the nature that surrounds me.


What would you like to see more or less of in the World?

Humans could always do with more love, & perspective for ALL living things.