In the Underground

In the Underground


Exposed concrete walls, cinder blocks, recycled rimu signage - an underground space that most had never seen. This was the venue for Friday night's launch of our #FraminghamUnderground show. 23 artists, including two in-house, were represented in the exhibition of 59 skate-, long- & recycled barrel art boards.

Why skateboards?  Boards get people to think about art in a different way, and the utilitarian space, which is completely at odds with typical white-walled galleries, can do the same thing.

That makes the cellar the perfect place for the artworks, says Framingham Managing Director Tom Trolove. “The Paper Rain Project has taken this incredible wood, that’s been at work with wine for years, repurposed it into a beautiful object, and then called on established and new artists to take the transformation one step further. It’s fantastic to now be showing some them back in the cellar, surrounded by 35 vintages of wine."

This exhibition represents the power of collaboration, with the artists involved all bringing something different to the vault, whether through vibrant hand painted one of a kind artboards, the detailed wood-burned pieces by Tuffery or series-based laser-etched works.

“Wood makes a beautiful canvas and we are so honoured to work with some incredibly talented artists. Particularly for our few barrel board collaborations, the resulting works show an artist’s take on our product, which is always unique and exciting," says our co-founder, Indigo.

A HUGE thank you to all of our participating guest artists, Betty + Co for the amazing spread of food, Banjo Brews Kombucha, Garage Project & an incredible 230 people who showed up for the event - & an EVEN BIGGER thank you to the exceptional crew at Framingham Wines who not only hosted us, spread around the wine and put on a huge amount of the event, but made us feel totally and utterly at home.

Couldn't make the event (or couldn't see the walls because of all the people?) NO FEAR, the boards are all ONLINE HERE. Oh - & the show runs for a whole 6 weeks, so head on down to Framingham Wines before July 16th to catch the it (10.30 - 4.30pm) daily, 19 Conders Bend Road, Renwick, Marlborough.

Framingham Wines with The Paper Rain ProjectSean Duffel with The Paper Rain ProjectFramingham Wines with The Paper Rain ProjectFramingham Wines with The Paper Rain ProjectTobias Illustrations and The Paper Rain ProjectKelly Spencer with The Paper Rain ProjectJordan Debney, Milarky & Cinzah with The Paper Rain ProjectWills and Indigo Rowe of The Paper Rain Project