A Bit More Soul t-shirt with The Paper Rain Project

It's A Tribe Thing

It was that time of year again. A time to pack your gin, all of your cameras, your courage and your game face for a few days of inspiration, frivolity and friendship building. It was time for our 2nd round of A Bit More Soul, this time in Raglan for the first week of November.

No-one says it quite like co-Founder, Rachael Brown, but A Bit More Soul is a little bit hard to put into words... "It’s about being brave. It’s about finding your artistic voice and then having the courage to use it. It’s about connecting with other courageous, like minded people. You will not have enough sleep [true] You will dance inappropriately under the stars. You will say all the wrong things at the right time because you are comfortable. You will laugh and snort so loudly you’ll hiccup. You might not be able to put your feelings into words – but when you walk away you will know you have been part of something pretty special and a wee bit epic."

In celebration of this awesome group of creative people, we worked with Mexico-born, Auckland-based artist Amane&me to create an electric group of characters to wear with you on a tee. So now, you can carry your tribe with you.

'It's a Tribe Thing' tee, available XS - XXL Navy & Black, Men's & Women's, 100% organic & fair trade cotton.

PHOTOS: Rachael Brown Photography MODELS: Leanna Young, Maddie Davies & Ben Sarten of Ben Sarten Imagery.

It's a Tribe Thing t-shirt

'It's a Tribe Thing' t-shirt A Bit More Soul , Amane & me with The Paper Rain ProjectA Bit More Soul, Amane & me with The Paper Rain ProjectA Bit More Soul , Amane & me with The Paper Rain Project