PLASTIC: Not So Fantastic

PLASTIC: Not So Fantastic

There are so many wonderful, beautiful and exciting things in this world, but there are also many issues facing our future that are becoming more and more obvious to each and every one of us every day. 

One such issue we all face globally, is the current dawning realisation that we can not sustain our current way of life and survive.

Wow, that's a bit of a heavy thought but one that is extremely true. Below are a few facts and figures - infographic style, of course, as (let's face it!)  this is a far more pleasant way to digest such bleak information!

Those were some figures globally - there's no denying it, we are all linked to each other. Here are some local figures for us here in New Zealand thanks to our friends at Sustainable Coastlines:

You might notice there's quite a bit of focus on the effects of plastic on our oceans, and that's not surprising as most of our waste, one way or another, ends up in our waterways and out to sea. 

Our current way of life globally is centred around convenience, and single-use plastic items that we use for a few minutes and cast aside. What we haven't seen (or perhaps it was simply easier to turn a blind eye?), until recently, is the effect this throw-away method of living is affecting the entire planet. 

Today it is becoming harder and harder to ignore the glaring reality that we simply cannot continue living this way and expect to have a future.

BUT before things become too gloom and doom... YES there ARE THINGS WE CAN DO! 

Simple changes in each and every one of our lives will make all the difference in the world - literally! 

There is a long way to go before we not only neutralise our effect on the world around us, but reverse it, but don't let that stop you making small changes to make a difference.

Even the smallest change in daily habits can have a huge impact for the positive. So go on! Give it a go!! 

Here are few wee hints to get you going in the right direction supplied by the folks at Plastic Free July! 

And of course The Paper Rain Project can help you out too! Our Hemp Tote bag range is the PERFECT way to ditch the plastic bag, and carry around your re-usable cup, metal straw, produce bags and re-usable water bottle! 

AND you'll be helping out awesome Causes and have a wicked piece of artwork over your shoulder! Win-win we say! 

The following are some of OUR favourites when being a bit more eco-friendly and saying NO to plastic: 

For reusable cups, we love the cups by Miir

For metal straws, we go straight to the straws by Caliwoods

For eco-friendly water bottle and lunch box alternatives, check out

For all sorts of eco-friendly products, including produce bags, head to the Green Collective