The Cause Phenomenon

The Cause Phenomenon


noun  1. a person or thing that gives rise to an action, phenomenon, or condition. 2. a principle, aim, or movement to which one is committed and which one is prepared to defend or advocate. verb. 1. make (something) happen.

The Paper Rain Project recycled wine-barrel longboard art Ti Kouka

Photo: Our 'Ti Kouka' wine barrel board art CAUSE: Para Wetlands Native Rehabilitation

The Paper Rain Project came about from a want to do things differently, at a high-quality and without costing the Earth. We wanted to truly give back through the process of our making, to give on with our profits and to generally do good. 

The goal has always been a business which gives back through our process of making but over the last couple of years, the focus has expanded into giving on through our sales. Each of our new in-house board artworks and every t-shirt is paired with a social or conservation based ‘Cause’ for which we help raise awareness and funds through the sale of the product. We work with a number of talented artists to create high-quality products which each have stories of their own.

It isn’t enough for us to make and sell, make and sell. There is enough ‘stuff’ in the World. We believe that businesses have a unique opportunity to do good - not only because they are active in their communities but because we influence where and how people spend money.  Every step of your production and what you do with your profits can have positive effects along the way if only you choose to do that. If every business could just give a little, we can do a lot as a country. 

For 2017/18 (and ever more), we are ramping up our push to support social and environmental 'Causes'. We believe in business that exists for good, giving back partial profits to support causes we truly believe in.

How does it work? We pair an artwork with a carefully selected Cause and when a product sells, we give a percentage of the profits to that cause. So you don't donate all the profits? No, we are a for-profit business. We need to retain some profits so that the business can keep itself running (and hopefully grow to inspire other businesses!). This is a social enterprise model which we believe to be the future of good business in NZ. This way, we can have money enough to keep our business going, pay everyone involved and still be able to support the Causes we love to get behind.

Photo: Citizens of The World, Marlborough Sounds

Photo credit: Citizens of the World (Marlborough Sounds aka Home)

Causes supported through our project include Satisfy Food Rescue, Kaipupu Wildlife Sanctuary, Project Jonah, Conservation Kids NZ, Sustainable Coastlines, Working Waters Trust, DOC's Kaki Stilt protection, Kakapo Recovery Trust, Save the Bees, The Marlborough Falcon Trust, Live More Awesome, Para Wetlands and more. 

Join us in doing good with art and business through our range of Cause t-shirts and board art. Your purchases make a difference. 

*NEW CAUSE ART T-SHIRTS coming October 10th. We cannot wait to share these with you.

'Kete', Satisfy Food Rescue, Fundraiser, Cause, Organic T-shirt, fair trade

 Our fair trade, organic 'Kete' t-shirt  with artist and our Assistant Manger, Hannah Batty in support of Satisfy Food Rescue.

'Swarm', Save the bees, recycled wine barrel longboard art, cause, The Paper Rain Project'Swarm' - recycled wine barrel longboard art with our co-founder, Indigo Greenlaw, in support of 'Save The Bees'

Marlborough Sounds by Citizens of the WorldMarlborough Sounds as seen by Citizens of the World

'Tuiana' t-shirt in support of Kaipupu Wildlife Sanctuary, Marlborough Sounds, Indigo Greenlaw'Tuiana' t-shirt by Indigo Greenlaw in support of Kaipupu Wildlife Sanctuary

Michel Tuffery, Eels, recycled wine barrel longboard art in support of Working Waters Trust with The Paper Rain Project'Nga Tuna' recycled wine barrel longboard artwork in conjunction with Michel Tuffery. This work supports the Working Waters Trust.

'Kete' artwork by Hannah Batty with The Paper Rain Project in support of Satisfy Food RescueRina wears our 'Kete' tshirt by artist, Hannah Batty, in support of Satisfy Food Rescue.