Tuffery Collab: Water & Wood

Tuffery Collab: Water & Wood

We love New Zealand. We love the bush, we love our natives and our waterways (not to mention our beaches and this beautiful ocean we seemingly float in the middle of.) With 71% of the Earth - not to mention more than half of our bodies - made up of water, you'd think it would be one of our first concerns. We are lucky in New Zealand, most of us have easy access to clean, drinkable water but the rivers we used to swim in aren't as clean as they used to be. For more on this, check out this resource from the Sustainable Business Network which talks about how our rivers are being affected - and most importantly, what we can do about it. 

The way we look after our waterways and ocean affect us all - absolutely - but we've also got to think about the ecosystems and animals trying very hard to thrive in their ever-changing environment. We've teamed up with renowned New Zealand artist, Michel Tuffery to support two Causes close to our hearts:

Nga Tuna – Short Finned Eel (Anguilla Obscura)
1/25 on hand-built recycled barrel longboard.  CAUSE: Working Waters Trust.

New Zealand boasts an incredible diversity of native freshwater fish species, from our glittering gold Galaxiids to our real-life Tuna (eel) taniwhas. These species are at risk of being lost forever. 67% of our freshwater fish species are classified as endangered. Working Waters Trust aim to get our waterways working in a way that gives these spectacular species and the communities in which they live a chance to not only survive, but to thrive.

Working Waters Trust give on-the-ground conservation support for our most endangered Galaxiid species which are concentrated in Southland, Otago and Canterbury and aim to raise the profile of the native/endangered fish among the public. - or what they like to call spreading ‘Galaxiid Love’.

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‘A’ai – Yellow Fin Tuna (Thunnus Alba-Cores)
1/25 on hand-built recycled barrel longboard. CAUSE: Sustainable Coastlines

This hard working bunch are on a mission to enable people to look after the coastlines and waterways that they love. To help keep them beautiful they co-ordinate and support large scale coastal clean-up events, educational programs, public awareness campaigns and riparian planting projects. Plus, they also help groups to run their own events - to motivate volunteers and communities around Aotearoa and the Pacific to look after the beaches and rivers that we love.

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From Michel Tuffery:
"These new collaborative works on recycled oak wine barrel boards are based on the shared philosophy and principles of the Kaitiaki from throughout the South Pacific. The symbolisms aren’t just an aesthetic, they narrate - by design - the oldest forms and thinking from our Ali’i, a signal to us that the kauapa hasn’t changed...Collectively, through social responsibility, we remain the guardians of our environment."

Being beach and river dwellers ourselves and with the Marlborough sounds at our doorstep we feel that it’s important to protect these resources for all flora, fauna and future generations. To support the Cause, purchase an artwork, spread the word, or donate to these awesome charities.

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