Paper Rain is a social enterprise founded from a want to do good through artistic and ethical creation. Specialising in board artworks and apparel, Paper Rain seeks to make positive impact throughout its production, creation and sales. Our small, Kiwi company is based in sunny Marlborough and after several years of pop up shops, we’re now solely selling through our online shop and wholesalers. 

It is our absolute pleasure to work with some of New Zealand’s top artists. Each artwork is carefully curated in order to provide a range of boards, t-shirts and tote bags which support a range of NZ artists and causes. We care a whole lot about where our materials come from and how they are made so we’re fussy about the details. We believe this approach is what makes our offerings high quality and unique. We hope you’ll agree! 


    We believe that choosing fair trade means acknowledging every life has value and should be paid a living wage. We choose to partner with makers and suppliers that also hold these values. Everyone deserves a good life, safe working conditions and fair pay.


    To be sustainable is to create something that has the potential to exist constantly. It means choosing materials and practices that don't come at the cost of the earth or the people involved in its creation. It means choosing organic cotton, sea freighted stock and having thought for the resources of our future generations.


    The best work is done when people work together. Collaboration is a huge part of our game plan. By working with a number of talented artists, we're able to offer a more diverse range of choices. By making a production chain which involves other kiwi social enterprises, we embrace working together instead of competing.


    We believe in good business - in all senses of the words! With every sale of our boards, t-shirts and tote bags, a donation is made to a cause. On top of this, we support these causes through loudly championing their goals. Our customers help to support incredible organisations like KidsCan NZ, Silverline Otago and Trees That Count.

Our People

Paper Rain was officially founded in 2013 by Wills and Indigo Rowe after years of painting recycled boards & scribbling in notebooks. Now we're a team of four (plus a baby and two dogs!) humans passionate about sustainability and creating positive change.


Paper Rain t-shirts are created as wardrobe staples that tell a story. Each with an artwork that was designed to help share the voice of a particular cause, our customers take ownership of positive impact. Our unique shapes (available in men’s, women’s and kid’s) are made from rain-fed, fair trade organic cotton and hand-printed right here in our workshop. 


    - Organic, rain-fed cotton grown in sync with seasonal cycles

    - Grown by farmers who are promoting sustainable agriculture


    - Certified organic and fair trade manufacturing

    - Traceable from farm to factory


    - Unique, hand-drawn artworks are selected from kiwi and international artists


    - Every t-shirt is hand screen printed in our Marlborough workshop by our co-founder Wills


    - Thanks to a new initiative by the kiwi social enterprise, Little Yellow Bird, our t-shirts are now fully recyclable


    - Each t-shirt is thoughtfully paired with a cause

    - We loudly champion these causes throughout our business


Since their inception, skateboards have always been a canvas for creativity and expression. Our art boards are just for wall hanging and we believe that their retro skateboard shape helps to create a unique, accessible art form for the home. We also absolutely love working with timber, a natural material that has a whole story and life of its own. The macrocarpa we use to craft our boards is grown just 30km away from our workshop, on a small wood lot. Paul, the grower, is passionate about sustainability and replacing heavily treated pine timbers with more sustainable alternatives grown in a way better suited to the environment. 

Every one of our boards is crafted by our co-founder, Wills, here in Marlborough. Made solely from timber with a plant-based finish, our series of artworks is laser etched into the wood. Like our t-shirts, our boards sport a range of artworks by Kiwi artists. For each board sold, a native tree is planted here in Marlborough by Trees That Count


We also craft a selection of rideable boards made from locally grown, small-lot Blackwood timber. With two unique, Paper Rain designed shapes to choose from, as well as a range of laser etched artworks, our cruisers are suitable for beginners and regular riders alike.

In support of reducing single use plastic bags, these hemp bags are an excellent alternative to hold your goods! Soft, durable and recyclable, these hemp bags are printed with non toxic inks on renewable hemp fabric. We’ve teamed up with some fellow creatives with a mutual passion for conservation and the environment to produce these graphic bags. For each hemp tote sold a donation is made to an environmental or social cause.

If you'd like to read about our trip to visit our suppliers - & how we feel about ethics along our production line, read more with our Interview with Idealog Magazine.  For sustainability, and greener living, check out our feature with Ecostore.... There are a number of companies doing fantastic things to support sustainability, fair trade & organics and we think that's AWESOME. If there's a way you believe we can do better with what we have, please let us know. 

We want our customers to have access to a little piece NZ art, or a high-quality, hand-crafted product and know the story behind it's curves & lines. We honestly don't know what we'd do if it weren't for The Paper Rain Project which is the heart & soul of our daily lives, as well as where we pitch our future. We really hope you like it too.