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The Paper Rain Project

SECONDS - Logo T-Shirt

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$79.00 NZD
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$30.00 NZD


These are like the seconds you finds at the Cherry stalls at the farm where we print our shirts. Good, but not as good, as firsts and at a pretty sweet price too.

Everyone makes mistakes - these t-shirts have small printing errors or marks from storage or production and are therefore discounted.

There are many hands that lend a role in bringing this shirt into yours. Hands that harvest, hands that cut, hands that sew, that draw, that print, that count, that fold. Each set of hands represents a person who helped bring this garment to life. In a World where most of us are so far removed from the people who make the things we use, it’s important to us to ensure every helping hand is given value. Our logo represents our appreciation of the hands and the ethics involved in the creation of the garments we wear. We're sure you'll appreciate them too.

  • Fairly traded organic cotton t-shirt
  • High quality long lasting organic cotton
  • Preshrunk cotton
  • Gift Vouchers available

Due to the nature of seconds and outlet products, the stock listed here is all we have in stock. Please note that we do not offer exchanges and returns on outlet products.

Women's Sizing Chart Diagram

Women's Sizing Chart Measurements

Men's Sizing Chart Diagram

Men's Sizing Chart Measurements

Standard (NZD)Free Over (NZD)
New Zealand$5$150
Rest of the World*$30$600

* Includes most of North America, Europe, UK, Asia and the South Pacific. Orders will be refunded if we are unable to ship to your location.

More details about shipping can be found HERE.

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