A New Home

A New Home

It's cold and you probably don't want to leave your fires (which we do understand) but we'd love you to come say hello at our new HQ in the Tannery Emporium in Christchurch!  It's warm in here, we promise...


Our new store at The Tannery in Christchurch.

The last few months have been the opposite of the usual Autumn slow down as our Kickstarter (happily) spiralled out of control and we jumped straight into the set up of our new store. It has been exciting, exhausting and involved a hella lot more pizza & Cassels Cider than we had envisaged but we made it to the mark and opened up on May 23rd!

The new store fit out brings industrial lighting, hand-made pipe/scaffolding furniture and large amount greenery (just the way we like it!). This little leap for our business also includes TWO AMAZING STAFF MEMBERS! We're stoked to introduce you to Darelle & Hannah, our beautiful, talented and pretty damn amazing Store Staff! These girls are very good friends of The Paper Rain Project from our time at the University of Canterbury (class as well as standing in the queue at Cafe 101....every day.)

Our fit out - foraged second hand store Clock with the 'Sole Mates' print by Hannah Starnes.

The fit out at The Paper Rain Project HQThe fit out at The Paper Rain Project HQ

Darelle, our Store Manager, is a visual merchandising Whizz (us having pinched her from Lush in Sydney) and Hannah has just returned from an Australian adventure to focus on her art. Both are artists in their own right and spend the rest of their time creating goodness (some of which can be found in store!) We are SUPER lucky to have these two and are very excited to see how this new team will bring new energy and thought to our project.

Xavier Napoleon at The Paper Rain Project

What can you find in the store? Our signature recycled wine-barrel longboards, a full wall of skateboard art, giclee prints, organic/fair trade clothing, ethical leather ware print design and stationary as well as new & favourite brands: La Petite Chocolat, Fix & Fogg, Ritual Coffee, The Loyal Workshop, Xavier Napoleon, Misprint Co., Hannah Starnes Art, Monique Richards Art, Paperminx & more....

Darelle on her break in the Store, Black Dog to the right.Cinch's tee at The Paper Rain Project HQ, The Tannery, Christchurch.