2018 - The Year That Was

2018 - The Year That Was

What a year! As the New Year rolls over, it's a great time to look back, to celebrate good things and learn from those many things that didn't go quite the way you expected. Last year we were humbled by the knowledge of just how much more there (always) is to learn and to grow. 

Thank you so much for sticking with us, whether you've just found us or if you've been following along for years. Paper Rain has been 5.5 long years of trying to bring art, fair trade, collaboration and high-quality sustainable products to New Zealand and the World over. We would never be where we are today without you, our tribe, and together, we have so much further to go. Keep an eye out in 2019 for more engagement about IMPACT and how you can be involved in a whole lot of good.

But for now, we'll quickly reminisce...



The Paper Rain Project Picton Store Front28 High Street, Picton

The first few months of 2018, saw us in our last throws of our original Picton Store - complete with leaky roof, earthquake wrecked facade, 4 licks of paint and so many good memories. This store is now leased to someone else (but don't worry Marlborough, we're just across the road - opposite Four Square!). 

We are now located at 54 High Street, Picton, 7 days, 9.30am - 5.30pm

Visiting the ladies at The Loyal Workshop, India - The Paper Rain project
INDIA - Meeting The Hands Who Make

Our co-founders, Wills and Indigo, finally made it on a much-awaited trip to India to meet our suppliers. They had a remarkable experience spending time with the ladies of Freeset, Common Good and the Loyal Workshop (where the women are helped out of sex trafficking to a brighter future, all in the hands of these amazing NZ companies.)

Read more on what it means to us to produce fair trade with Idealog...


 Fair trade, organic 'tailor' t-shirt by The Paper Rain Project

Tailor T-shirt - A New Blank Canvas

We released the tailor t-shirt shape which you seem to love! We certainly do. Since, we've been moving all of our designs over to this shirt - fair trade, organic cotton as usual, but with great fits for both men and women.

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The Paper Rain Project pop up store, Auckland May 2018

Back at Ponsonby Central

We headed back to the 'Big Smoke' for yet another pop-up store, this time with plenty more of our in-house designed and crafted macrocarpa artboards. We had live painting weekends with both Emmaline Bailey and Hannah Starnes and met so many more of you lovely people. 

See more from our May Pop Up at Ponsonby Central, Auckland.


The Paper Rain Project - turns 5 Our Story

WE TURNED FIVE! Want to know how it all started? "It all began with a boyfriend, a stolen board and a good birthday idea. Then it got out of hand. Before she knew it, she'd painted over forty boards." 

Read a little more about our humble beginnings here.


Ailie Suzuki, Customer services manager at The Paper Rain ProjectWelcoming Ailie!

In 2018 we were joined by the super enthusiastic, nature-loving lady that is Ailie Suzuki! Self-proclaimed 'Dumpling Diva' (and she does make vast quantities of delicious dumplings!) Ailie became a part of our full-time team as our Customer Services Manager. 


The Paper Rain Project Wellington Pop Up StoreWellington ~ Manners Street Store

Spanning half of last year, we spent a pretty decent amount of time in the 'coolest little capital'. Matt and Mayble joined us to help in the shop in August. We saw the city through highlights such as Wellington on a Plate and World of Wearable Arts. Although we closed this store on Christmas Eve, we met SO MANY AWESOME PEOPLE and... we'll be back in some way or form in 2019.

See more of the Wellington pop up store here...



Colorado Trail for mental health awareness - Indigo Greenlaw of The Paper Rain Project for Live More AwesomeThe Colorado Trail

You'll be hearing more on this soon, but one of the biggest highlights for one of our founders, Indigo, was her trip to Colorado. There, she walked 500km of the Colorado Trail, saw a MOOSE, 10,000 squirrels, forked lightning and many alpine sunrises. Many of our customers helped Indigo to raise just short of $3000 for mental health awareness via Live More Awesome here in NZ. This is a cause we are super passionate about (hence the 4 products we sell that donate to this very cause!). 

Read about the fundraiser...


'By Natives, For Natives' The Paper Rain Project Skateboard Exhibition in support of the Wildlife Hospital, DunedinBy Natives For Natives - As seen on TV3 News (ha!)

Our inaugural themed show, the 'NATIVE' November Auckland Pop Up at Ponsonby Central came with a bit of a twist. 100% of the boards were our in-house made barrel, rimu, blackwood and macrocarpa decks. Each artwork was curated with a 'Native' theme and upon sale donated $50 toward the Wildlife Hospital, Dunedin. This was a personal, favourite show as we at Paper Rain are all obsessed with Native Birds.

See more on this here...


The Paper Rain Project Blackwood Drop Through - rideable boardsThe Rider Fleet

BOOM - we finished developing our blackwood rider series and released them just last month! With our unique board shapes, locally grown wood and customisable artworks, these are special boards which we are so excited to bring to you. Which is your favourite?

Drop-though Longboard / Classic Shortboard / Mini Bullet Board


Impact at The Paper Rain Project - why we do what we doIMPACT

We are thinking more and more about the positive impact we can make together. Watch the space in the coming months for more on how you can be involved in deciding where some of our proceeds go, which causes we support and which designs are produced. We're here for you, so we want to know what you want from us!

Oh, & guess what? 

Thanks to YOU hundreds of families have a better quality of life through fair trade practices; thousands of kilograms of pesticides were prevented from being used through organic growth; millions of litres of water were saved in cotton production by utilising the natural cycles of nature; and multiple artists and charities around New Zealand benefited from your support! THANK YOU!!! 


Here's to a brilliant 2019.