CAUSE - Conservation Kids (CKNZ)

CAUSE - Conservation Kids (CKNZ)

When was the last time you saw something in nature that took your breath away? That made you lose your mind and feel yourself revert back to that innocent, excitable kid you once were - releasing those squeals of delight, the oohs and the ahhs?

Now imagine you are that youngster, seeing the wonders of nature - both big and small - and feeling that excitement for the very first time.


After working in the Marlborough Sounds with the general public, it didn't take long for Picton locals and wildlife/nature enthusiasts Tash and Larissa to see how nature affected not just the adults but the little people, regardless of background or age.

In this modern age of screens and mobile devices and kids spending more and more time indoors than ever before, Tash and Larissa felt the strong need to inspire the younger generation to experience and be excited by nature and cultivate a strong desire to protect what we have from a young age.


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With this in mind, and being lucky enough to be living and raising their own families in stunning Marlborough, Conservation Kids New Zealand (CKNZ) was born. CKNZ's goal: to inspire children of all ages to become more involved and grow into adults inspired to enjoy, protect and care for the natural world around them.

Since 2011, CKNZ has been an established kids conservation Club and Trust, run by a passionate group of volunteers seeking to inspire kids by hosting a variety of fun and educational events for local children. Recent times has also seen collaborations with other local charities and trusts to inspire kids to be actively involved in conservation.


In the past 8 years, with the assistance and support of volunteers, sponsors, donations, grants, the local Department of Conservation team and other local charities and trusts, not to mention to the overwhelming support and love from local Marlborough kids and families, CKNZ has hosted everything from educational themed events, beach clean-ups, activity days, environmental workshops and so on all focused around families and children of all ages.

Recent funding has also allowed for sponsorship and active encouragement of older, individual kids that shine to support them in their specific conservation efforts.

Today, Conservation Kids NZ has branched out even further and has become the foundation of the local Envirohub Marlborough - a place where not just children and their families, but all Marlburians can benefit, learn and contribute to conserving the beauty that is our home and our playground.

For the past few years, as Marlborough locals ourselves, Paper Rain has also become more heavily involved in the group by directly donating to support the efforts of children's conservation education.

YOU can help us to help educate kids and inspire them to care, protect and become awesome conservation advocates by purchasing any one of our kid's tees!

Our Kids Range is expanding! Check them out here: the range now includes the 'Kiwi', 'Do It For Them' (pictured below being modelled by Tash's son, Blue!), 'Sloth', 'Black Dog' and new to the range, 'Two Tui' and 'Kea'!

From CKNZ, Paper Rain and all the local Conservation Kids of Marlborough, thank you!

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