CAUSE: Sustainable Coastlines

CAUSE: Sustainable Coastlines

We grew up in the sea - wetsuits or none, spending hours in and out of the ocean in the North West of Scotland. We'd head out in the evening in 15h/p wooden boats to catch mackerel for our dinner. To get anywhere from this peninsula, it was a hell of a lot easier to take the boat rather than walk the rugged 6 miles out. In fact, I've never lived further than half an hour from the ocean in my life. I'm sure this is true for a lot of us here in New Zealand too.  - Indigo, one of our co-founders. 

Did you know that 77% of the rubbish in our oceans is from single use plastics? Over the last few decades, we and the rest of the world have been creating a sort of plastic soup in our seas.

It's not all bad news though ~ Sustainable Coastlines have been helping people get on the positive side, and with their volunteers, have cleared up 1, 374, 583 litres of rubbish from our coastlines.  Sustainable Coastlines is a multi-award winning New Zealand charity. This hard working bunch are on a mission to enable people to look after the coastlines and waterways they love.

Sustainable Coastlines Volunteers

As lovers of the sea here at Paper Rain, Sustainable Coastlines is a charity we are passionate about supporting. How? We've paired up Michel Tuffery with two of our in-house artists, Indigo Greenlaw and Hannah Batty, to create a range of art goods which are aligned with this Cause. We're here to spread the word and donate a percentage of profits from these products to the good folk of Sustainable Coastlines.

The Paper Rain Project and Sustainable Coastlines hemp tote bags

To help keep our coasts beautiful, Sustainable Coastlines co-ordinate and support large scale coast clean ups, educational programmes, public awareness and riparian planting projects. Plus, they help groups to run their own events. These guys help to motivate volunteers and communities around Aotearoa and the Pacific to look after the coastlines of their homes.  Being beach and river dwellers ourselves, and with the Marlborough Sounds at our doorstep, we feel that it's important to protect these resources for all flora, fauna and future generations.

"We love our coasts and we work with our sleeves rolled up to keep them beautiful." 


See more Paper Rain products in support of Sustainable Coastlines or directly donate to the good folk here.

Ampersand, Sustainable Coastlines T-shirt with Michel Tuffery

 Take $10 off our Michel Tuffery '&' t-shirt (with a donation given to Sustainable Coastlines for very one sold.) Use the code: SUSTAINABLECOASTLINES

Jack Candlish, Organic Dynamic, Eco surfboardsJack Candlish of Organic Dynamic, eco-surfboard shaper and Sustainable Coastlines advocate.Sustainable Coastlines Beach Clean UpsThe Paper Rain Project Hemp Tote BagOur 'Braided' hemp tote bag with artist, Hannah Batty helps us to support Sustainable Coastlines. See our hemp bag range.The Paper Rain Project with Michel Tuffery, recycled wine barrel board artworkDetail from our collaboration with Michel Tuffery - laser etch artwork on recycled wine barrel longboard in support of Sustainable Coastlines. See more.