CAUSE: The Wildlife Hospital, Dunedin

CAUSE: The Wildlife Hospital, Dunedin

Prior to the very recent (January 2018!) opening of The Wildlife Hospital in Dunedin, most of our precious and rare species of native fauna here in the South Island had few options available to them in their hour of need. 

Despite the huge efforts nationwide to eradicate pests (Pest Free by 2050! We can do this!), improve habitats and the overall environment, with up to 80% of New Zealand's native wildlife in trouble the founders of The Wildlife Hospital also saw a drastic need to protect our native wildlife right here, right now.

Yes! That IS a kakapo!

The first of its kind in the South Island of New Zealand, the Wildlife Hospital provides a safe haven here in the south for sick and injured native wildlife. Now some of our most unique and threatened species do not have to be flown to the North Island for treatment - a huge additional stress on an animal already fighting to recover.

The Hospital is capable of treating a wide variety of animals - including the super rare hoiho (yellow-eyed penguin) and kakapo, Fiordland crested penguin (tawaki), the slowly returning New Zealand sea lion (rāpoka), NZ fur seals (kekeno), kea, kereru, morepork (of course!) and even our more common, but no less important, species such as the bell bird (korimako), fantail (pīwakawaka) and tui.

Fully staffed and at full capacity the Wildlife Hospital has the ability to care for up to 500 wildlife patients.

With current estimates showing a decline and possibly less than 600 breeding pairs left, looking after every last hoiho (yellow-eyed penguin) is of the utmost importance!

At the end of the day, their good work is supported by charity - and that's where YOU come in! Despite raising the necessary funds needed to open, in order to continue functioning the Wildlife Hospital still needs our help!

Paper Rain is currently donating a portion of profits from every one of our NEW Morepork tees designed by artist Sean Duffel - printed on our new Tailor tees - now available online and will also be available at our Pop-Up Store opening in Wellington from June 15 to Aug 4.

Paper Rain will also be donating from the sale of each Faunesque Waxeye T-Shirt - currently on special! OR if our art boards are your thing, purchases of the Huia and Fantail wine-barrel art boards also contribute back to the the Wildlife Hospital.

Shop with us to help out The Wildlife Hospital, Dunedin and help save our native wildlife! You can also check out their good work or donate directly by clicking here to go to their website.