The Alternative Solutions

The Alternative Solutions

After the sad but necessary lows of the last blog outlining the severity and reasons behind the current Plastic Epidemic, we want to turn things around (and hopefully help YOU turn things around!). Here, we introduce you to some awesome, inspirational and eco-friendly companies that are helping all of us to make the positive changes we need!

Click on the links to jump straight to each companies website for more info! 

Re-usable Bags

Bringing your own bag to do groceries, to buy take-away meals or even when going shopping for new clothing - saves SO many plastic bags! And these days you have a few options available. Our pick, of course, are our very own artist-designed Hemp Tote Bags!

Made from Hemp - so much more durable and sustainable - each bag purchase makes a donation to vital social and evironmental causes: including Project Jonah, Live More Awesome and Sustainable Coastlines!

Did we mention you buy 2 for $40?

THIS MONTH, to celebrate Plastic Free July, buy 2 totes and receive the Black Dog Hemp Tote ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Re-usable Cups 

There are plenty of re-usable cups out there, but we love those made by Miir!

Miir not only make non-plastic re-usable cups and water bottles, they also help empower communities providing a better future for all.

They make ALL kinds of cups... even for beer! 

Metal Straws

As shown in our previous blog, single-use, disposable plastic straws are one of the biggest culprits for unnecessary plastic waste that end up in our oceans. Of course, the obvious answer would be to be rid of straws altogether, but if you simply can't do without them, Caliwoods is the place to grab your awesome reusable metal straws you can take anywhere! 

Re-usable Water Bottles & Lunch Boxes



For eco-friendly water bottles, lunch boxes, other awesome alternatives to plastic and introductions to some incredible eco-friendly companies, check out

We here at Paper Rain personally love the metal lunch boxes supplied by Meals in Steel and water bottles by ECOtanka.

Re-usable Produce Bags

For a colourful alternative to placing your fruit and veggies in a plastic bag, try Goodie Bags!! You can purchase these (and SO MUCH MORE) from The Green Collective - a GREAT place to start when shifting to environmentally friendly and plastic-free products and alternatives.

Plastic Wrap Alternatives

LilyBee Wraps are a great alternative to plastic wraps for everything from your lunch to your leftovers! Made with natural ingredients, they can be used over and over. Not to mention their designs are just plain awesome! 

On the other hand, you can simply make your own! Check out the link for your very own enviro-wrap recipe and method.


Yes! You CAN buy good quality, eco-friendly shoes! Check out Allbirds Shoes - they're made of natural materials, are super warm, comfortable (very important!) AND they are a New Zealand company! 


Have you heard of Duskies?? Another eco-friendly New Zealand company that makes beautiful, handcrafted, light-weight and flexible sunglasses from recycled materials. Due to the nature of the wood used, each pair is unique and there are a wide variety of styles.

Did you know you can buy Duskies through The Paper Rain Project too? Polarised and non-polarised, hand-made quality sunglasses also come with one of two types of downright unique and awesome cases!

Courier Bags

This one is close to our hearts here at Paper Rain as we send out many of our online products via courier. Now, thankfully, there is an alternative to the plastic courier bags! The R3pack courier bags don't just break down, they do so quickly as they are compostable. Remember, just because it's biodegradable, make sure it does so quickly, as otherwise we are still adding to our rubbish waste piles! 

*Please note that The Paper Rain Project is not paid or compensated for plugging these brands or websites - we simply love what they do and the alternatives they provide. They've been tried and tested by our wee crew and we just wanted to share a few ways in which we can all make a difference! We use the above items in our workplace and at home. We just love 'em. We think you might too...