Wine Barrel Longboard Breakdown

In using a recycled material to produce one of a signature board types, namely the wine-soaked aged-oak of Marlborough wine barrels, we have learned that the wear and use of the wood comes with certain visual clues. Each of your unique longboards will come with a set of it's own characteristics, so we wanted to create the above diagram to help you understand it's personality. We see each of these marks, patterns, colours and wine-stains as a story, each unique to the stave of it's origin. We hope the above resource helps you to understand your board and that you love the body and performance of this sweat-, wine- & love-infused product.

Recycled wine barrel longboard skateboard artwork breakdown by The Paper Rain Project, New ZealandThe Paper Rain Project, How To, Boards, breakdown, skateboard, longboard, NZ, New Zealand made, wine