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  • Hand-drawn by <ARTIST w link if possible>
  • Supporting <CAUSE w link if possible>
  • Fairly traded organic cotton t-shirt
  • High quality long lasting organic cotton
  • Preshrunk cotton. Model wears men's size <SIZE>
  • Easy returns - size and design exchange
  • Gift Vouchers available

Looking for a women's version of this tee?


To Do:

Delete items from this list as they are complete. Once all items have been completed ensure there is no additional white space after the description.

  • Product title: "<Design name> - <Style> T-Shirt", eg "End Extinction - Men's T-Shirt"
  • Update description and edit the link to other versions of the tee (click on blue link and click the hyperlink button). Links should be of the format /products/<handle> and set to open in the same window with descriptive titles (eg. "Women's Waka Huia T-Shirt"). If the formatting gets messed up then the description html may need tidied up (ask James if you need help).
  • Vendor: Artist name
  • SKU: Use bulk edit. Format is <style>-<design code>-<colour>-<size>, eg m-yrr-n-s-inv
  • Barcodes: Use bulk edit. Copy the SKUs to the barcode field
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    • (Style: Men's)
    • Colours: Black, White, Navy, Grey
    • Artist
    • Cause
    • New (if you would like it added to the New collection)
  • Handle: Should use the format <style>-<design name> so that URLs are clean, eg. mens-sloth, womens-waka-huia, kids-kiwi. It defaults to the title of the product the first time it is saved and can updated by clicking 'Edit website SEO' at the bottom of the page. Untick the box which says 'Create a URL redirect' unless the product has previously been live and pushing on social/newsletter to prevent creating unnecessary redirects on the website. Avoid editing the 'Page title' or 'Description' in the 'Edit website SEO' box unless you have a good reason to override them.
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* Minimum order of 150 Euro for European orders and 135 pounds for UK orders

** Includes most of North America, Europe, UK, Asia and the South Pacific. Orders will be refunded if we are unable to ship to your location.

More details about shipping can be found HERE.

We understand that buying clothing online isn't always easy, so we want to keep things simple. If your t-shirt isn't right for some reason we'll happily exchange or refund it. Change up your size and even your design ~ just let us know what you need.

Please note. The t-shirt must be in the original sold condition, both unworn and unwashed.

More details about exchanges and returns can be found HERE.